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9 Finger Games

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Ajal Game Studios

Anthony Flack

Aytrom Vorobyov

Blake Speers

Carlos Garza

The Twelve Tales of Chris Seavor (Full Article)

Part I: Early Life
Part II: Rare
Part III: Conker’s Bad Fur Day
Part IV: Gory Details

Chris Totten

Crayon Ponyfish

Damian Robinett

Dean Noakes

Decemberborn Interactive

Drillmation Systems

Ecrya Games

Elden Pixels


Fishing Cactus


Gaterooze Ink.

Genetix Studios

The Gentlebros

Grant Kirkhope

Greg Lobanov

Greg Lobanov Vol. 2

Happy Eagle Games

Haywire Studios

Haywire Studios Vol. 2

Hibernian Workshop

Hiding Spot Games

Huey Games

Hungry Pixel

Igor Tanzil

Impact Gameworks


Joe Mirabello

Jon Bookout

Jordan Scott

Joseph Thamir

Kiro Team

Kisareth Studios

Konstantin Krondfeldner

LavaBoots Studio

Liam Dehaudt

Little Ricebowl Games

Louis Agoglia

Lukasz “Tefel” Czarnecki

Max Indie Game

Me Less Than Three

Michael N. Briscoe

Milky Tea Studios

Moebial Games

Moebius Games

Monster Finger Games

Monster Finger Games Vol. 2

Mullet Mike

Necro VMX

Nerdy Bear Studio

Orube Game Studios

Parhelion Rift

Peyton Burnham

Pixel Heart Studios

Playful Fox Games

Primordial Game Studios

Red Mountain Games

Reece Geofroy


Retro Gamer CD

Romain Dupuis


Silver Bullet Games

Space Lizard Studios

Statera Studio

Studio Wumpus

Tall Story Games

Team Blacksea Odyssea

Team V

Thom Glunt

Timeless Hourglass Games

Tiny Warrior Games

Tryconic Studios

Twirlbound Studios

Ursa Minor Games

Veronica Nizama

Vertical Sprite

Warren Davis

Well Bred Rhino

Zenrok Studios

Zero Uno Games

Zoink Games

Throughout my time as a reviewer, I have had the pleasure to talk to some of the most exciting and ambitious indie developers in gaming, as well as some of the more storied people within the industry. Read my interviews with mainstream and indie developers alike about their games, history in the industry, and some funny stories XD.